If you’re an expectant parent right now, waiting to meet your new baby, you probably do a lot of daydreaming about what life will be like with your newborn.

You’ll imagine holding them in the tiny striped baby grows that are folded neatly in their wardrobe, waiting to be worn.

You see yourself wrapping them a fluffy white towel after a bath, or looking down at them nuzzled in the crook of your arm and shushing them to sleep.

Then eventually the day will come when you get to meet them. And newborn life will go by faster than you could ever imagine. 

A natural photo shoot at home will capture the moments you are imagining right now and so much more.  An effortless way to document this fleeting time to make sure you never forget what it was like.

Here are 5 reasons people love a natural newborn shoot at home.

1. You don’t need to leave the house. 

You will honestly be so thankful for this. 

Looking after a newborn baby is intense and relentless.   When you first bring your baby home life pings off in all directions. 

In-between feeding every couple of hours, very little sleep and trying to keep on top of the washing the last thing you probably feel like doing is packing half your home in the car and going off to a studio.

Having your photo session at home, you get to chill, keep your slippers on and let me do the work.

2. Everybody can be involved. 

A natural newborn shoot at home is actually a whole family shoot.  It’s all about capturing life in the early days of your baby settling in.

Older siblings can come and go through the shoot.  There is no pressure on them to perform or even smile for the camera. Once they realise this they love it.

Dogs and cats are more than welcome too.

3. You get a wide range of images

You will get authentic and honest images showing life with your newborn.

Shushing them to sleep in the only position that seems to work right now.   Or snoozing in the crook of your arm or over your other half’s shoulder.

Feeding them on your chair in the nursery.  And changing their teeny nappies.  

These images will help you remember what this time looked like and felt like forever.

Then alongside all the feeding, changing and sleeping we will capture natural, beautiful and artistic images of your newborn.

4. Great for people who hate being in front of the camera.

This shoot is perfect for people who shudder at the thought of a photo shoot.  You  won’t need to perform or smile for the camera.  You actually don’t even need to look at it!  I guarantee it will be way easier and more comfortable than you could imagine. 

5. These pictures will be totally unique to you

Because your home is the back drop, your pictures will not look like anyone else’s, they be totally unique to you. 

And on the subject of houses it doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, how bright or how subdued the light is.  Your home is the first home your newborn lived in whether it’s a five bed mansion or a one bedroom flat so it will always be a special place with unique memories, captured in your pictures.

What you will have at the end of your shoot is a set of images that will be amongst your most cherished possessions.  

Cherished because your images won’t simply show what your newborn baby looks like but what your life looked and felt like.  Seriously, as someone with an 18 year old and so few newborn pictures this is a true gift to your future self.

I get that you may have concerns – what if I don’t feel up for a shoot after birth – (we’ll reschedule until you do).  What happens if my home is a mess – (that’s fine, if you want to capture all the wonderful chaos of life I’ll capture it all, if you’d rather the mess wasn’t on show I can leave it out).  What happens if my newborn is unsettled? (they probably will be for at least some of the shoot, that’s normal and fine!).

If you’d like to have a chat about anything I am happy to give you a free, no pressure, consultation with me before you commit to booking.

I knew I wanted newborn photos of my daughter before she arrived but didn’t want typical ‘posed’ photos. Angela came highly recommended so I looked through her work and just fell in love. Her photos were everything I wanted.
I was nervous on the run up to the photos as I don’t like having my photo taken but Angela was fantastic with us and I absolutely adore our images. They’re everything I wanted and more. We will treasure them always and I can’t thank Angela enough for the beautiful memories she has helped capture.Claire York 2018

Claire York 2018

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