My newborn baby life with my daughter Maya was 18 years ago.  I have so few pictures of her as a newborn. I was too busy looking after her and trying to keep on top of everything, to be able to take a breath, stand back and photograph her.  I would give anything for photographs that showed the beginning of our lives together. 

But I truly love that I get to do this for other parents. And I feel passionate that everybody should think of having some kind of newborn photoshoot because when this time is gone, it’s gone people! And they are never this little again.

Meet Elliott. He arrived a month early so at 5 weeks he really should have only been 1 week old. He was a weeny ball of gorgeous and chill as could be during his shoot. We bathed him, fed him, changed him and took full advantage of his milk drunkness to get a funny pic – it’s always the dads!  Proud parents Donna and Michael have some beautiful images capturing this gorgeous but fleeting time of baby life.

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A really lovely morning with a fab family ♥️

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