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Newborn Photography Darlington.

When I heard the words “If you lie next to Thomas you can have a jelly baby…” I had a wee smile to myself.  I know we are on to a winner when parents bribe or rather actively encourage their children to participate in making a photograph that they really want.   Once chocolate, sweets or the promise of a park visit would work to persuade a little one to do something for a photograph.  These days the most successful bribe treat of all is the iPad.  I haven’t met one toddler who has turned down this offer.  In fact I think I will make a gallery of little ones playing with their iPads, reaping the rewards of kissing or lying next to their newborn siblings.

2 year old Annabel pushed for 2 things, she’s not daft this little one.  So with a yellow jelly baby in one hand and pink iPad in the other she was all ours.  For a little while.

David and Kirsten captured the early days of their new family life with baby Thomas by just hanging out in a couple of rooms in their cottage.  

little girl plays with doll on knee
dad holds newborn baby on lap, Newborn Photography Darlington
dad holds newborn baby on lap
dad holds newborn baby on lap, Photography Darlington
dad holds newborn baby on lap
little girl kisses newborn on dads lap, Newborn Photography Darlington
newborn sleeping on dads shoulder, Newborn Photography Darlington
mother holds newborn sitting on window ledge, Newborn Photography Darlington
newborn on mothers lap, Newborn Photography Darlington
mother smiles at newborn baby
Newborn Photography Darlington
mother holding newborn in window
parents laughing holding newborn, Newborn Photography Darlington
little girl smiling at mother in striped top
family on bed with little girl and newborn
parents holding newborn laughing at little girl, Newborn Photography Darlington
parents holding newborn smiling at each other, Newborn Photography Darlington
newborn clasped hands
baby lying on blanket on floor
newborn lying on grey blanket on floor, Newborn Photography Darlington
newborn baby crying next to girl on tablet
dad holding newborn baby smiling, Newborn Photography Darlington
dad kisses newborn baby on nose, Newborn Photography Darlington
mother holds newborn on knee, Newborn Photography Darlington
newborn baby on mothers knee
dad plays with little girl on knee
little girl giggling at dad
family with newborn baby stood next to window smiling
mother holds newborn baby at window

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