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by | Jul 7, 2020 | FAMILY

As lockdown changes into something between not leaving the house unless you absolutely have to and ordinary life, I’ve reflected a bit on the whole experience and found it to be a pretty mixed bag. Like most people I’m sure.

I had no desire to learn Spanish or how to play a trumpet and motivation to exercise daily with Joe Wicks fizzled out after a month. And I only made one banana loaf and a batch of biscuits. On the industrious side I sorted my yard out and up cycled some furniture. On the lazy side I stayed in bed all day reading once till 6.30pm, had a 3 hour baths, and though I was home 24/7 I could still not keep on top of the laundry. I walked along the beach tops most days, did Pilates by Zoom twice a week and Headspace everyday for 3 months. And managed, for the first time in my adult life, to get my stress levels down to about a 1.

In the early days I had times where I felt teary for no reason at all and odd days when I felt completely flat. But in the most part my experience has been a positive one. The biggest plus was spending lots of time with Maya, the most time we’ve spent together since pre-school. We watched TV, lots of it, favourites were Big Little Lies for entertainment, When They See Us for impact and I May Destroy You for it’s multi-faceted brilliance. We played lots of the card game sh*thead – why would someone call it this? When Maya was younger we called it threes-a-piece, much more civilised 😂.

What am I taking from this period? I’m gonna stop the crazy running around with this ‘too much to do and no time to do it’ mindset. Right before lockdown I was craving some downtime and couldn’t see a way to get it as I had too much on. But I’ve realised it actually is just a mindset. Fingers crossed I can hold onto this as life gets back to normal.

feet of two people watching TV on a bed
cards laid out for card game
headspace app on phone
man on TV holds glass up
woman mixing cake dough with food mixer
a tray of cookies
3 gift wrapped up
man holding gift outside his house
pilates lesson on a laptop in sitting room

Our gorgeous Jasper being the sociable feline he is loved that he had people to sit on 24/7, we think he loved it anyway, you can never tell with cats.

cat sitting on a window sill
cat sitting at the top of the stairs
cat sitting on a roof
cat sits looking out window

Yardening when the weather was gorgeous

a pink and white flower
breakfast on a round table
man lies on large red bean bag outside
reflection of woman through glass door taking pictures

I spent hours walking on the beach and along the beach tops

waves in the sea
plants silhouetted against the sky
the sea with a ship in shaft of light
man walking along beach in the sea
sillouette of houses against sky
a coastline with cliffs
girl smiling on a beach
two fisherman by the sea in thick fog
girl and pier with lighthouse in thick fog
girl stands on a bridge in thick fog
A burnt out car with NHS painted on

In the early days I had a few sleepless nights that saw me up at sunrise

sunrise through a window
a shaft of light over a pictures of a woman

And this time saw two hugely important issues for our country – the NHS and the Black Lives Matter campaign

NHS flat blowing in the wind
Black lives matter large writing on beach

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  1. Mandy Coppin

    What a lovely way of capturing what is very much a crisis emerging in a world that’s disturbing. M.


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