February 365 Project | Angela Fenwick Photography

by | Mar 1, 2021 | PERSONAL

I started a 365 project at the beginning of 2021, an image every day for a year. I’ve started these so many times before but given up before the end of the first week. This time I decided to try a theme a month.

February’s theme was our cat Jasper. Jasper is a total sweetheart of a cat, the most gentle, sociable (and very needy) cat I’ve ever come across. By the end of the month I swear he was sick to death of having a camera in his face everyday, bless him! These are my favourites.

February 1st
February 3rd
February 5th
February 8th
February 10th
February 12th
February 13th
February 14th
February 17th
February 18th
February 20th
February 21st
February 22nd
February 23rd


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