Your natural family photo session will be just that.  Natural. No studios, no staging and no cliches.

 Your session will take place in your home or outdoors, doing something you normally do.  Whether that’s a trip to the beach to explore rockpools or taking your beloved pooch on their favourite walk.  Or it could be doing something as ordinary as just hanging out in your garden kicking a ball around or reading Dr Seuss stories on your big comfy sofa.  I capture you and your family just being with each other and enjoying life.  You’ll be able to look back at this time forever and remember how blummin’ great it all was. 

I guarantee it will be the easiest photo session you’ll ever do.  

These sessions are ideal for people who want to run a mile at the thought of a family photo shoot. And perfect for children as the only expectation on them is to be themselves – uninhibited and happy.

Your photos will look honest and real, beautiful, artistic and distinctive.  And because you’ll be doing your own thing, totally unique to you.


I’m worried my child will play up or won’t co-operate.  If this does happen it’s no problem at all, we just take some time out.  I can wholeheartedly say that I have never had a session collapse because a child had a meltdown.  There is no expectation upon children to smile on cue or sit still so you’ll find they will be totally cool with the shoot.  Plus your session will be planned around meal times and sleep times so we’ll get them at the best time of their day. 

What would happen if I didn’t like my images? An understandable concern when you are spending a chunk of money!  If your pictures make you look awkward and uncomfortable or they don’t even look like you or you don’t have enough high quality pictures for your money or if I was horribly bossy during the shoot I’ll do the whole thing again for free.  

My other half hates the thought of a family photo shoot?  Many people (mainly men) dread a photo session because they really don’t like the idea of posing, looking at the camera and smiling on cue.  Luckily my photo sessions don’t work like this.  You will be doing something you enjoy doing with a baby or children who are a natural distraction so after a little while they’ll hardly notice the camera.  Most, if not all, the people I have worked with say how easy, relaxed and actually enjoyable they found the session. 

As well as having some beautiful photographs to treasure, you will also have a lovely eclectic mix of photos to do so much with. Hang one on the wall as a piece of art or a few altogether to make a gallery wall.  Or have a beautiful coffee table book (which can double up as a stress reliever when you have a moody teenager, to remember when they were cute and angelic).

Packages and Prices.   Packages start at £250.

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