About Me

I’m Angela

 I live by the sea in East Durham, with my partner Graham, my all grown up daughter Maya, and Jasper, the friendliest ginger tom you ever met.

I got a camera for Christmas when I was 10 years old and therein started my love for taking pictures. This Kodak Instamatic went everywhere with me, from happy family gatherings to the school yard. Nostalgia still washes over me when I look at photos from then. My grandparents beaming at me from their back door or my friends taking a break from playing kerby to huddle in for a photo.


My Style

I specialise in natural, honest, documentary style family photography. I’m much more interested in capturing love, quirkiness and beauty in everyday moments than big forced smiles at the camera. I’m the perfect photographer for people who want to run a mile at the thought of a family photo shoot.

I feel passionate that everybody should have a natural family photo shoot when their kids are little. I can only tell you now my daughter is at the end of her teenage years I would give anything for pictures of us doing the things we used to do when she was little – pictures with me in them!

When I’m not working…

 I love exploring new cities (especially since I conquered a fear of flying),  up-cycling furniture, Pilates, our beautiful, wild north east coast, lady grey tea, and long baths with a book.

I’m passionate about justice, fairness and equality and usually support the underdog.


I’ve worked with over 200 families in their homes or outdoors.  

That’s a lot of tea, chats about newborn life, newborns fed and changed, dogs walked, and a ton of reluctant guys reassured. 


Your photographs will capture much more than what you all look like.  

Imagine having pictures of the things you love about your family life right now. Some of your little routines, how your toddler’s belly laughs when you so do that daft voice or their little concentration face that warms your heart. 


I’m passionate about making photo shoots natural and easy.  

You get to keep your slippers on for a newborn shoot. Or for a family shoot, you just do some things you normally do. It seriously couldn’t be easier. Or more relaxed.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen a couple fall asleep mid-shoot after a sleepless night with their newborn.


I don’t come with a formula. 

If your family is loud and crazy we’ll go with that, if it is peaceful and quiet we’ll go with that.  You and your children will not be expected to be anything other than who you are.


You decide what you want to do on your shoot.  

Indoors, great, at the park, fab, both, even better. If you have no clue what to do, that’s fine, we’ll chat about what things you do as a family and how we can bring this to your shoot.





My house isn't big enough or modern enough for a home shoot.

The focus of your shoot is not your home but your baby and family.  I’m able to create beautiful images in the smallest of rooms because I know how to use light to get the best images possible.

I’m worried my child will play up or won’t co-operate.

If this does happen it’s no problem at all, we just take some time out.  I can wholeheartedly say that I have never had a session collapse because a child had a meltdown.  There is no expectation upon children to smile on cue or sit still so you’ll find they will be totally fine with the shoot. Your session can be planned around meal times and sleep times so we’ll get them at their best. 

My other half hates the thought of a family photo shoot.

Many people (mainly men) dread a photo shoot because they really don’t like the idea of posing, looking at the camera and smiling on cue.  My photo sessions don’t work like this, you will be playing with baby or children who are a natural distraction and after a little while they’ll hardly notice the camera.  All guys say they cannot wait for the next shoot… not really, but it is never, ever as awkward as they think it’s going to be.

What would happen if I didn’t like my images?

An understandable concern when you are spending a chunk of money!  If your pictures make you look awkward and uncomfortable or they don’t even look like you or you don’t have enough high quality pictures for your money I’ll do the whole thing again for free.  

Won’t it feel odd having a stranger in my home?

We’ll have a phone chat before your shoot so we won’t be strangers.  You will be totally focussed on your little baby or children that after 5 minutes of me being there it will feel like you have a friend round for a cuppa (who just happens to be taking photographs.)