Natural Family Shoot

Your natural family shoot will be just that.  Natural.  No studios, no staging and no cliches.

two women playing with a flower with baby, family photography county durham

I capture you and your family just being with each other and enjoying life.   When your kids are all grown up and taking care of themselves, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of how great your everyday life together was.

Your session will take place in your home or outdoors, doing something you love to do. Whether that’s running barefoot around the beach and finishing off with ice-creams or taking your pooch on their favourite walk. Or it could be doing something as ordinary as just hanging out in your garden, kicking a ball around or reading Dr Seuss stories on your big comfy sofa.

little boy on beach with dog laughing, family photography county durham

These sessions are perfect for children as the only expectation on them is to be themselves – uninhibited and happy.   And ideal for people who want to run a mile at the thought of a family photo shoot.

Your photos will look real, beautiful, artistic and distinctive. And because you’ll be doing your own thing, completely unique to you.