A Day in the Life photography is a fresh approach to family photography.  Something a little different.  People who book these sessions are kinda cool.  They want photographs that show their family in all their natural beautifulness just going about their everyday lives.

The point of a Day in the Life session is that it is not about the big events that happen in our lives – like weddings, births, birthday celebrations.  It’s kind of the opposite.  It’s about the everyday fleeting moments we have without thinking too much about – the love we show each other,  the happiness between us, our family in-jokes, our idiosyncrasies, daily routines –  the heart and soul of our family life.

It’s a photo session that celebrates your family’s uniqueness, spirit and personality.

These photos will hold so much meaning and undoubtedly be the ones you get out again and again to relive this wonderful time of your life.  And in years to come your two year old will be able to show their grandchildren exactly what a day in their life looked like when they were toddlers – I don’t know about you but this thought gives me goosebumps!


This is a pure documentary shoot with no direction from me at all.  Children love these sessions because they get to just be themselves (“Does that mean I can fart mum?” asked one little boy when he was told about the session).  

The shoot can take place over a morning or a full day.  And it’s up to your what you plan into your day – some people just hang out at home and in the garden and others will plan a trip or walk out.

All you have to do is be yourself, get on with your day doing what you normally do and let your family’s regular, mundane, crazy and quiet moments all unfold naturally.  My job is to give you a set of photographs that show the beauty and awesomeness of your everyday life.


As well as having some beautiful memories to forever treasure, you will also have a lovely eclectic mix of photos to do so much with. This style of photography is perfect for creating a gallery wall.  Or have a beautiful coffee table book (which can double up as a stress reliever by locking yourself in a cupboard with it when you have a moody teenager, to remember the time when they were cute and angelic). 

Oh Angela, they are FANTASTIC! I love them all, I can't say which ones I like best as there are too many. Wow and wow again. You captured a slice of our life on a Saturday morning when we were just getting on with our ordinary lives. But the way you have photographed it makes it so special but also so real. I absolutely love them. Thank you!
Arwen Webb
Richmond, 2014

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