A Day in the Life Photography Newcastle.

6 month old Lily is crying loudly from her crib in the kitchen while mum Claire is making breakfast. Claire shouts for 5 year old Harry “what does Lily want Harry?” Harry takes one look at Lily and says “the blue spoon”. Lily is handed the blue spoon and immediately stops crying. Family life at it’s best.

Then came breakfast time and everything was going smoothly, Harry was eating his croissants and jam, mum was feeding Lily. Then it all went belly up. Harry knocks over his juice, mum jumps up to get a cloth to wipe it up, Lily starts screaming as her milk has suddenly disappeared, Harry doesn’t like Lily’s cries and has to block his ears till it’s all over. And after a couple of minutes it is and peace is resumed in the Batey household.

And it all gets captured…

Which is what I love about A Day in the Life photography. It captures those little ordinary moments that make our family ours. And unique to us. Things that we don’t give a second thought to. And things that will change in the blink of an eye. Soon Lily won’t need a bottle, or a blue spoon and Harry will be able to cope with Lily crying (though I bet Harry will always know what Lily needs). 

I loved this morning in the life photo shoot. Claire is a wedding and family photographer too so we had no shortage of things to natter about. Harry is an absolute darling of a 5 year old and a budding musician. Lily is one of those babies you just want to eat and Dad Andy, an awesome decorator and handy man who built a TV room to die for.

An awesome morning with an awesome family.

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