It must be something to do with my daughter turning 18 lately that so many memories from when she was little pop into my head.  Some of these memories are sparked from doing a family photo shoot.   Some from looking through old photographs.  I have 1000s as you can imagine (I wish I was in a lot more of them than I am).

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about one particular memory that involved our bedtime routine.  

One summer evening when I was putting 3 year old Maya to bed my brother Jonathan called by.  Maya and I had just started our bedtime routine which went like this.  Our ‘Brush, brush, brush your teeth’ made up song; a bedtime story, probably Slinky Malinky, or Dr Seuss; a puppet show round her bedroom door with puppets Katy Cat and Sammy Seal;  finished off with a duet of ‘Goodnight Maya’ another made up song written and produced by me ?.  This took around 30 – 45 minutes. 

When I got downstairs my brothers was like… ‘seriously, you do this like every night….?’  

But I loved our routine.  They’re much, much more fun than the ones we do these days, which look something like this…

At the time I didn’t think about the day that would  come when Maya’s chubby arms wouldn’t be wrapped tightly round my neck. Or when she wouldn’t fit in my lap for a bedtime story.   Naturally I was wrapped up in daily life and don’t think I ever stood back and truly appreciated the sheer fun and pleasure of parenting little ones.  

A few months ago I dropped her off at a club for the first time 🙁  and it hit me smack in the stomach, she had grown up.  And I felt such a yearning for the days when she was little.

We still have the puppets and books in the loft, I wonder if she’ll be up for one last routine for old time’s sake ?