A Day in the Life photography shoot is a fresh approach to family portrait photography.  It is very different to a traditional family portrait photography shoot or a lifestyle photo shoot.  It is essentially a visual document of your family life at a particular point in time.  It is also known as family story telling photography or family documentary photography.

Why choose this type of family photography shoot?

Photographs that you get from this style of photography are unposed and natural.  They tell a story and are interesting.  These photographs show life in all its glory, the ups and downs and the in-between moments.  People are drawn to natural photographs because they have meaning and emotion.  I believe these kinds of photographs are the ones that will stand the test of time, the ones that will be shown repeatedly to future generations.

During the photo shoot there is no direction from me, I just hang out with you and your family as your day unfolds. My aim is just to create beautiful and memorable photographs from everyday moments.

Some great things about A Day in the Life photography

  • You won’t need to cross your fingers hoping your children will be well behaved and keep their clothes clean
  • If your children won’t sit still long enough for a photograph and this has stopped you from booking a photograph shoot before then this is perfect for you

  • You don’t need to plan anything, buy new clothes, get hair cuts or even tidy up!  If you want to thats fine though, anything goes.

Girl and puppy on slide | A Day in the life of | family documentary photography | Richmond photographer | County Durham | Angela Fenwick Photography

  • It is such an easy photo shoot and so enjoyable
  • Children love these photo shoots as they just get to be themselves.  And even if there are tantrums, this can make for great photographs!

  • They’re perfect for parents who want to preserve real images of how their children at this moment in time.
  • There is no pressure build up beforehand.  Children often pick up on this then have a meltdown once they get into a photography studio.  If there is a meltdown on this type of shoot it can be a great photo opportunity!
  • Moments that you don’t always notice will be captured and there forever.
  • You will undoubtedly forget you’re being photographed in a short space of time.


If your male partner is dead against this kind of shoot check out this blog post written especially for him!  Men and Photoshoots

If you’d like to chat about this kind of shoot please contact me here