My newborn sessions take place in your home so are very relaxed and require minimum effort from you at this often chaotic, tiring but exhilarating time.  I photograph life as it is at this precious and fleeting time of your new family life.  Parents who come to me want an easy going and informal photo shoot with honest, real and creative photographs from it. For me the photo shoot is all about connections, real and honest connections between your baby and you and the rest of your family.  I often give a little direction for you in order to get the most out of your photo shoot, but will only very rarely ask you to look at the camera (this is very good news for male partners!).

I aim to make photos that you will want to look at over and over again, forever, and ones that in years to come will show your little newborn, when they are all grown up, just how much love they bought with them when they came along.

How long does a session last?  The session normally lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.  

What if my baby is unsettled?  Babies usually settle down at some point with a feed or a cuddle.  If you baby doesn’t and we don’t feel you are going to get enough images we can rearrange the photoshoot.

What if my husband is unsettled?  Just joking.  However many, if not most male partners admit to me during the shoot that they absolutely were not looking forward to it but they all come round in the end when they see how easy it is.  See this post if your male partner needs convincing the shoot is a great idea.

My baby has older siblings, can they be in the photographs?  Yes, of course they can.  Before the photoshoot we will have a chat about this.

What happens after the shoot?  Photographs are normally ready to view 2 weeks after your photo shoot.  I will come to your home to show you the finished photographs, normally between 60-80 in total along with examples of products if you’re choosing a print package.  You choose the package and photographs you want at this meeting.  If you choose digital only you will receive your photographs  a few days later.  If you want any prints you will receive these up to 2 weeks later.

I want to book a session what do I do now?  Give me ring 0756850602 or drop me an email.  We’ll have a chat over the phone or by FaceTime to talk about what kind of session you’d like.

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For parents, a newborn photoshoot is a great way to capture memories. For this mum, feeling less than her best, the prospect of having those early days of tired eyes and baby weight documented forever was much more daunting! However I was put totally at ease by Angela, she was so down to earth, it was like having a friend come to visit. We chatted about everything and anything as she took photos of a typical morning at home with a newborn. Lots of feeding, sleeping and nappy changes! Even the dogs got involved! And the results were perfect. More than a year on (and a wonderful Baptism photoshoot to add to the album) looking at those newborn photos transports me back to those early days and I am forever grateful that we chose Angela as our photographer, because I dont see tired eyes, or babyweight. I see a new family, a tiny baby, real life and love. Thankyou so much Angela, looking forward to the next time we meet!


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