Family lifestyle photography is a style of photography which documents life honestly and creatively by capturing real moments as they happen naturally.  People choose this style of photography because they want informal, candid, real life, meaningful images rather than posed ones or ones that look like they’re forcing a fun time.  And, they want a photo shoot that feels easy going with no pressure to perform.

As a lifestyle photography I aim to create images that show your life, relationships and personalities.  The photo shoots therefore take place somewhere that means something to your and your family e.g. your home or somewhere you like to visit.  You will be doing things you normally like to do… this can be really ordinary things like hanging out on the sofa, making fairy cakes, going to the park or beach or taking a walk against your favourite city landscape. 

This session has a little direction from me but is still done in the spirit of documentary photography, to create natural photographs that are unique to you.  You wont be asked to look at the camera and smile, instead you’ll be encouraged to just enjoy what you’re doing.

It’s an ideal session for family and extended family photographs, maternity and newborn photography, baby and toddlers or pet photography.  You and your partner may want a lurve photo shoot or you may want some ‘me, myself and I’ photographs.  Anything goes!


How long does a session last?  The sessions last between 1 – 2 hours.

What if it rains or the weather is awful?   We can easily rearrange. I usually start to keep an eye on the weather a couple of days before the shoot so I often don’t have to rearrange at the last minute, but this is the UK so sometimes this will happen!

 What if my child plays up and won’t co-operate?  The important thing is to not put any pressure on children.  We just let them do their own thing and eventually most children come round when they see there is no pressure.  

What happens after the shoot?  Photographs are normally ready to view 2 weeks after your photo shoot.  I will come to your home to show you the finished photographs, normally between 60-80 in total along with examples of products if you’re choosing a print package.  You choose the package and photographs you want at this meeting.  If you choose digital only you will receive your photographs  a few days later.  If you want any prints you will receive these up to 2 weeks later.

I want to book a session what do I do now?  Give me ring 0756850602 or drop me an email.  We’ll have a chat over the phone or by FaceTime to talk about what kind of session you’d like.

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Angela has a unique style of photography that sets her apart from other photographers I've used in the past. I'm not a posed portrait type of person so her style suits me well. I was so pleased with the finished product and will definitely be recommending her to family and friends.


Freya and I had a great experience with Angela on our photoshoot and with beautiful results. The second Angela met Freya at our hose she had an instant rapport with her and captured Freya's true personality during 90 minutes of posing, dancing, singing and playing (all her favourite things!). I'd recommend Angela's service, she is professional and friendly and great for those who prefer more natural and relaxed photos.


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